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We are a premier software development company focused on providing application integration and application management software services for small-medium size businesses and financial services Industry. We bring wealth of experience in managing technology needs of financial industry across the entire value chain for asset and wealth managers, hedge funds, family offices, banks and Insurance. Clients trust us to deliver quality advice, solutions and support based on our deep expertise and point of views gained over many years of experience.

At Juppiter AI Labs, we are committed to long term relationships with our clients by delivering sound strategic advice and reliable, holistic solutions that enable our clients to sustain and grow their business.

Our Vision:

To be a leader in providing world class, customer focused, quality driven IT services to financial services companies and SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Our Values:

Transparency: Exhibit Honesty & Integrity at every step of the way

Accountable: Being responsible and expected to take Ownership & be Accountable.

Expertise: Acquire Knowledge & Continue to Innovate

Professional: Always be Professional & Energetic

Meritocracy: Professional growth, development and rewards based on performance

Exemplary Customer Service: Put customer interests before ours

Company Service Process

Understand Existing Process

We believe that every business is unique and hence their operating process as well. So, first of all, we understand how you’re operating, like a typical routine at workplace to get the idea of existing operations workflow.

Discuss challenges

Based on the operational workflow, every business has a different problem that business owners are facing. At Juppiter AI Labs, we understand those challenges to get the idea how it’s affecting your business.

Solution of Challenges

After understanding your challenges, it’s a time to solve your challenges with the help of technology and our team of tech geeks provide a unique solutions to overcome those challenges. After all, a single solution can not be fit for every challenge.

Visualization & Implementation

After discussing solution on paper, it’s time to make it happen in real life where our visualizers and transformers actively involved in giving a shape to the solution and make it fully functional to solve your challenges.

Quality Checks

The job is not done after Visualization and Implementation process. It’s time to check the solution works fine under any circumstances and there is no compromise on any security check and other aspects that you have shared.


Once all quality checks are passed successfully, it’s time to deploy your solution to cloud based architecture like AWS, GCM or Microsoft Azure to make it accessible across the globe for your convenience.


We associate with our clients for long term. So, it’s not done even after deployment. We are here to answer your queries as well as changes you want in the system by the time and maintain it as well.


“5 stars “Great Effort!” and “good data science developer’s”

Frank Abrams


“Vikas and his team worked very efficiently to overcome and resolve a complicated series of challenges quickly. Will use again.”

Andrew King


“I hired Vikas Sawant to help me create a data capture solution for certain documents, and he did an excellent job using Python. He is very creative, diligent and reliable.”

Mohamed T. (Founder & CEO)

Scanov Captova Technologies Inc

“I hired Vikas to help with various data analysis projects. He has not only done what was requested but also done additional research to suggest things we should do. He has been very helpful “

Russell W.

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Corporate Overview

Juppiter AI Labs is an IT solutions provider and proven expert in providing skilled consultants to meet any business need. We specialize in custom software development, cloud computing, mobile application development, artificial intelligence solutions, machine learning, IT project support services and emerging technology development.

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