Juppiter AI Labs

Data Engineering

We support businesses to obtain a competitive edge in a data-driven world. We help you encounter data challenges and provide you with the strategic guidance to achieve the business goal. We know the needs of businesses and the emerging data culture. We offer data engineering solutions that support businesses in churning valuable data to get meaningful insight that can help take business-oriented decisions, ultimately leading to growth and real-time management. 

Our working process


We assist you in defining a big data strategy and selecting the right technology for your company’s growth. Our experts provide unbiased vendor-neutral suggestions, architecture blueprints and implementation road maps. We assist you in getting innovative data analytics solutions through real-time actionable insights.

Big Data Engineering

Our primary goal in Big Data Engineering is to dismiss connecting and collecting challenges, eliminate storing and securing challenges and reduce managing and processing big data challenges, which creates hurdles in utilizing data potentially. We empower businesses to align big data with business goals. We provide data-driven solutions for businesses challenges and to improve ROI.

Data Visualization (BI)

We assist the business to manage volume, variety and flooding data through aggregation, validation, integration and robust extracting techniques to extract actionable insights in real-time. 

Our business intelligence and data warehouse services allow businesses to manage business information. It facilitates advanced visualization to obtain meaningful insights from data. We help you in understanding user behaviour and mark down the pattern. We monitor and enhance ROI of business and marketing activities. Our data experts assist you in optimizing customer processes.

Enterprise Data Management

We assist businesses by using transformative technologies to get a clear vision and produce a new data supply chain. At Juppiter AI Labs, a team of analytics spend hours discovering and enhancing the way to manage valuable data. We help in the installation, configuration, monitoring of Hadoop clusters. We also provide integration services to digitize businesses and achieve the best possible result.